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Workshop for Diversity

Diversity drives innovation, but integration is the key

What does integration look like in sports clubs? How can doctors and patients communicate without speaking the same language? How can refugees enter the workforce?

icunet’s Workshop for Diversity wants to exemplify the European idea and foster integration. Most people realize that language represents a pivotal barrier to integration – whether in a new community, company or country. But integration is much more than learning grammar or acquiring some new vocabulary words, which is why the Workshop focuses on intercultural aspects that can simplify the integration process.

Cultural codes markedly influence the ways people communicate, live and work. But culture is always negotiable: That is why all of the Workshop’s concepts are developed in cooperation with and primarily for refugees and immigrants. However, the concepts also apply to representatives of the welcoming culture (e.g. German colleagues). The idea is to respect the cultural background of immigrants just as much as the cultural background of the destination culture.

The Workshop offers a unique approach. Combining hands-on experience with academic expertise, it covers the different areas of life: at home, at work and everything in-between – like trips to the doctor. This holistic concept uses a blend of intercultural training, cultural assessments and on-the-job training. All of the Workshop’s concepts and projects are transferable and can be used in a variety of situations – such as for community integration projects or onboarding processes for employees with migration backgrounds. This is how we create synergies through diversity.