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Our digital ecosystem brings together all the key partners in the assignment chain. Through automation, HR saves time and money; your expatriate will benefit from a customized assignment experience. This is how we implement a new kind of Global Mobility – worldwide.

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Mission assigned: ICUnet accompanies and enables your global talents to successfully carry out their individual mission.

We build an end-to-end digital process for your Global Mobility that is tailored to your business requirements and employee needs.

Your employees should be able to concentrate perfectly on the tasks in their foreign job from the very beginning. We create the framework conditions for this. Through a holistic and automated supply chain, we relieve HR of time-consuming activities and use our comprehensive expertise to take care of all aspects of the assignment: from visas to residence permits, the search for accommodation, the kindergarten or school place, the new driving licence and a perfect start with the team on site. Thanks to our innovative digital tools – with interfaces to all your relevant partners – you always have an overview and control of all processes during every assignment: The new Global Mobility.

Arrive, feel good, get started.

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Individual global mobility solutions
needs are as individual as different cultures. Every employee is different, each target country has its own peculiarities.

At ICUnet, global mobility solutions do not come off the shelf, but are tailored precisely to the needs of your company and your employees. This guarantees a high posting experience and high productivity for your employees from day one.

Intercultural competence development
A complex mission in a new environment requires strong intercultural adaptation. We enable your talents to move successfully on the global stage. For this we use tailor-made (virtual) expat training and a digital learning environment. Our learnhub is the perfect tool for learning made easy.

With our partner support program, we support families with a change of location and culture. Our experts support partners and children with an individual coaching offer. We manage the emotions and expectations of everyone involved for a successful posting – from departure to return.

Visa & Immigration Services
ICUnet accompanies your employees through the administrative jungle at their destination and takes care of visas, work and residence permits, so that nothing stands in the way of making it happen.
International Mobility Management

Everyone has already moved and knows how complicated and expensive such a change of location can be. With “International Mobility Management” ICUnet offers a perfect service that covers all areas of relocation. We are at home in 75 countries around the world and guaranteed in your target market!

  • We find the perfect home
    Home search is an essential and critical component of any posting: Individual posting needs must be taken into account: from the neighborhood, the proximity to the workplace and the availability of kindergartens. Our experts are guaranteed to find the oasis of wellbeing.
  • Make the move as stress-free as possible
    Our digital move management supports you from cost estimation to relocation planning. We save costs through transparent auctions – the quality of the providers ensures a relaxed move of the entire family.
  • We are your contact for sending entire groups abroad
    We analyze your needs, prepare the guidelines for the group moves, coordinate the appointments, provide the employees with information about the new location and organize orientation programs.
  • Expense management
    We regulate all payment transactions associated with the move at IND, check all invoices and transfer them on time. By automating the IND, weekly or monthly reports are created.
Settling In
Visa & Immigration and the search for an apartment were successful: Now it’s about making your arrival.

Our experts take care of the “bureaucratic all-round carefree package”: from opening the bank account to changing the driver’s license to commissioning the Internet provider.

IND – The heart of the digital ecosystem for the new Global Mobility

With IND, companies save up to 45 percent on average costs through process optimization and automation. Interfaces to relevant partner systems allow the automated exchange of partner information, data and documents. This means that all partners involved in the posting chain are up to date: from employees to partners, HR, movers, relocation consultants, text providers and other service providers. The result: IND creates levers of quality assurance and improvement by evaluating the individual process steps.

learnhub – hacks for working across cultures

Are your employees sent to a new culture? Are you assigned international areas of responsibility, suddenly have to lead a global team or be “simply” successful in a multicultural environment?

The digital learning platform learnhub offers effective e-learning that can be opened up anywhere and at any time and makes your employees fit for new challenges.

In addition to culture-specific content, such as negotiating in China or communication in the USA, topics of personal development are offered, such as appreciative communication or remote leadership.

The courses can either be completed directly via our learning platform or made available on your company’s own learning management system.

Try it out!

Move Management with ICUnet

Our vision: The disruption of the move industry. Why? Moving an employee has traditionally been a conflict-ridden topic. For companies, it is an extremely expensive, opaque process. For the employee himself, moving the private household is emotional and often involves a lot of trouble and effort. Move Management is a digital auction platform that enables the freight forwarder to be transparent and fairly priced to the company.


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