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Your organization is a system of people, norms and structures that operate increasingly complex environment. Our job is to accompany you systemically, integrally and, above all, minimally invasive to develop the right levers of change and innovation that can be interwoven into your business. These initiatives are tailored for your day-to-day with precision and care. One size fits all just doesn’t always fit.

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If everyone is worried about tomorrow, who’s taking care of today’s work?

The number of organizational change programs increases daily. So are the buzzwords our customers are buzzing about: digital transformation, agilization, collaboration, internationalisation, and on and on.

We would like to put it into concrete terms for you: Your company (system) or a part of your company (subsystem) wants to take the next step in its development because the status quo of system cannot keep up with the needs and challenges of its environment. You want to develop into a resilient organization.

Classical change programs are ineffective because in most cases they are just dropped onto the entire organization indiscriminately. This is where we differ in our methodology and our consulting process. We identify concrete areas of conflict and dig as deep as necessary and possible to find the corresponding pain points within them. Only in this way can we design and implement our solutions that fit for you. We weave these into the daily business, they cost less, are more effective, and you will see results faster. The end game is sustainable, targeted transformation.

Here is a brief overview of our consulting process: The systematic Trafo design

Design the first steps of your systemic transformation today.

Our principles are the basis of our methodology

System Orientation.

Working systematically is our imperative.

Observation and Evaluate

We observe without judgement and evaluate our observations according to integral theory.

Pattern formation.

Going to a granular level to find out how things tick.


We set our sights on a goal together with the customer based on what the system of customers needs.

Tension-Based Work

We analyze root causes and effects, pressure points and potential, and the result is a clear list of measures going forward

Minimally Invasive

Our role models are skilled surgeons. Our solutions are interwoven with a prioritization toward daily business.

We think in constant iteration.

Life doesn’t happen according to a waterfall project plan.


Let’s shape the future together.

We analyze effectiveness

and make system development measurable.

Systematic Integral Analysis

In every consulting process, the determination of the current is an essential component. You have to know where you are to know where you’re going. For this ICUnet has developed the Analytics.Hub, a tool compriseed of 11 system elements from the System Design Canvas. The system elements and features are divided into four colors in the integral theory and evaluated.

Each system characteristic has “healthy” and “pathological” (e.g. excessive addiction and allergic reaction to others) manifestations. The Analytics.Hub provides decisive, valid and reliable statements about the ACTUAL state of your company or a department/team of your company:

It tells us which are the dominating healthy colour patterns in the respective system characteristics and which are the dominant pathological color patterns in the respective system characteristic (conflict between addictive behavior and allergic reaction).
From this we can define the target state of the system (the organization/unit).

Sustainability through systematic transformation

What is the next development step of the organization or one of its subsystems? Which colour patterns does the organisation need in the current context (e.g. during the COVID-19 pandemic)? What do change processes look like that are based on allergic reactions in the system elements? Which behaviours, norms and mindsets have to be changed and how to prevent addictive behaviour with regard to colour characteristics.


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