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Alexander Höpfner

Head of Intercultural E-learning & Assessment

“Level up! Together with my team, I am making it possible for people to gain intercultural competencies in a virtual environment and depict these quantifiably – any time, any place.”

The culture shock I experienced after a very intense year abroad in Honduras influenced me so strongly that I wanted to learn more about how culture affects us. For this reason, I studied psychology in the Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain and eventually graduated with a degree in Cross-cultural Psychology. I gained my first work experience in the intercultural consulting sector with a focus on change management and organizational consulting. At the end of 2014, I joined icunet in the field of intercultural assessment and have been leading the fascinating intercultural e-learning and assessment division since 2015. It is a great job that allows me to work on unique projects around the world together with various clients and colleagues.

To me, “Orange spirit” means meeting challenges with innovative solutions.


Carina Stemplinger

Head of HR Administration

“With 12+ years of employment, I have been here longer than most and know every corner of icunet. My experience and curiosity help me contribute in different ways to the company’s success.”
I discovered my passion for HR topics, psychological testing procedures and helping employees find their footing in a new country during my office administration apprenticeship at icunet. Following my apprenticeship, I decided to continue managing a key account at icunet. Over time, my responsibilities expanded: I oversaw the company’s online tools and followed my passion for training young people by becoming Head of Training. My affinity for HR related topics continued to grow, so I took business administration classes alongside my work. Since graduating, I have been working as an HR officer and even added the role of Head of HR Administration in 2016.
In my view, being “intercultural” is an attitude. As a genuine Bavarian with a fondness for new experiences, my work allows me to combine my love for my native region with my interest in foreign countries and cultures. To me, Orange is this undying passion for one’s work and the ability to enjoy the various facets of it!


Julia Bindrich

Head of Global Strategy

“I am very empathetic, and I believe one of my strengths is to empower and equip others – this applies equally to my team and the participants in my training sessions.”

I have been fascinated by other cultures and mindsets from an early age. As a result, I traveled whenever I had the opportunity and learned many languages, including Chinese. During my international cultural and business studies in Passau, I frequently encountered like-minded people. My contact to icunet came within the framework of my thesis, where I researched Spanish companies.
Subsequently, I started at icunet as an intercultural trainer for Spain and China while also taking on the role of assistant to the executive board. During this time, I was also working to qualify as a trainer. After gaining direct insight into the company’s entrepreneurial activities during my two years as assistant to the executive board, I was given the opportunity to establish a subsidiary of icunet in China. Together with my continuously growing team, I established icunet as a brand within the local German expat community and adapted our services to the Chinese market in Shanghai as Managing Director. After two years, I moved to Munich and assumed the position of Head of Global Mobility to pass on my experiences in site development and advance the company’s international strategy. My team is spread across three continents. On an ordinary working day, I might talk to a colleague in Switzerland, then with a client in northern China and follow this up with a pitch to partners in southern Brazil. All of this is done remotely and requires intercultural expertise every minute.

To work passionately and with complete dedication to impress and inspire the client – wherever they might be in the world – by always going that extra mile.


Eileen-Rabea Westphal

Key Account Manager

“I enjoy learning new things and overcoming new challenges. There hasn’t been a single boring day at icunet in the three years I’ve been here.”As expats, my parents were often on the move. This meant that I learned what it’s like to be confronted with linguistic and intercultural barriers from a very early age. These experiences also taught me the importance of facing these obstacles with openness and a healthy dose of curiosity. Following my international cultural and business studies, I did an internship at icunet. I realized that this dynamic environment was an ideal place to contribute my knowledge and pursue my interests.Now, as a Key Account Manager, I advise one of our major clients from the automotive sector on various intercultural topics. Like many companies, this client is placing a greater emphasis on global networking. My work in supporting employees, executives, spouses and teams as they travel to new international locations is an immensely rewarding task.ORANGEWith icunet, I found an employer that exemplifies intercultural competence and shares its expertise with others passionately and professionally. Being part of this team regularly provides me with fresh motivation and inspiration.

Bassam Elemam

International and Intercultural Business Consultant

“I have a distinct positive way of thinking and the will to make the best out of every day. This motivates me daily to enthuse the participants of my intercultural trainings with intercultural topics and to enable and also encourage them to interchange with other cultures.”As native Egyptian who has been living in Germany for nearly 15 years, I consider myself a German with Egyptian roots nowadays. Since my childhood I have always been living and working in different countries – privately and for business. My experience taught me to mediate between different cultures and it gives me great pleasure to play the role of the “bridge between cultures”. After my business studies at the University of Cairo I worked several decades in different positions, including management positions, in different companies. With starting 2011 as an intercultural consultant at icunet I turned my passion into profession. Every day I enjoy the diversity within the cooperation, both in-house in the team of intercultural consultants as external with multiple clients and cultures.ORANGEFor me orange means to always stay in motion, to do the daily work with passion and to link cultures appreciatively with each other.